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Youth Ministries

St. Nicholas Youth Ministries strive to lead our young parishioners closer to Christ and each other. To grow in their faith, young people need to: 

  • Know Jesus Christ. 

  • Know who they truly are – young people made in the image of God. 

  • Understand themselves as belonging to the full community of the Church. 

  • Be empowered with a faith that truly makes a difference – prayer, fasting and service. 

  • Be equipped with the teachings of the Orthodox Christian faith. 


Our youth ministries are aimed at meeting one or more of these needs at a level that is appropriate to the age of our young people. With society changing so quickly that it’s hard to keep up, we make every effort to provide both a solid foundation of faith for our young people and the practices that will help them stay close to Christ throughout their lives. 

Our Programs

Church School


Our Church School meets on Sunday mornings from mid-September through May. Children from 3-year-old preschoolers to high school seniors learn the teachings of the Orthodox Christian faith from a group of dedicated, loving and very creative teachers.  

Important Details: 

  • Church School begins immediately after Holy Communion each Sunday and ends at 11:30 a.m. 

  • Class placement is based upon a student’s grade in their traditional academic schooling. 

  • A child entering in pre-school must be 3 years old and bathroom trained. 


Make a family commitment for regular attendance of the Divine Liturgy and the Church School and discuss with your children the importance of worship and learning what the Church teaches about God and the world around us. 



  • The cost is $25 per child, with a maximum of $75 per family.  



Youth Groups

St. Nicholas has a variety of youth groups for at young people of every age. Each group has its own activities aimed at meeting the spiritual needs of our young parishioners at a level they can both understand and enjoy. Preschoolers may go for a walk in the park to experience God’s creation, while high schoolers may head to Wisconsin for a ski trip that also integrates stillness, prayer and service to those in need.


Our groups include: 


For more information about our youth groups and their activities, contact the church office or Father Michael Arbanas. 


Worship Ministries


The St. Nicholas Altar Boys and Handmaidens ministries give our young parishioners the opportunity to serve God and the parish community by participating in the most distinctive act of our community life – worship. Their hands-on engagement on a very practical level – making worship happen – is a path not only for their own personal growth but also for other service to God – in the church and beyond. Semi-annual retreats together help the Altar Boys and Handmaidens build camaraderie and reflect on the contributions they are making to the overall parish life.  Our St. Nicholas Youth Choir welcomes all youth who can read and stay engaged during the rehearsal to join!

Altar Boys

The Altar Boys participate during the Divine Liturgy and other services, assisting the clergy with processions, incense, cutting the altar bread and other needs. Altar boys serve under the supervision of Father Doug and Father Michael, along with several parent-volunteers. Boys in 4th grade and above are welcome to participate in this ministry. 

For more information, contact Father Doug Papulis or Father Michael Arbanas. 


The Handmaidens are young ladies, grades 4 through 12, who take care of the candles and icons in the narthex and assist in many ways on special occasions in the church. Occasionally, they assist in broader community projects, such as preserving the Divine Liturgy booklets, helping the Library Committee relabel all the books, or making sandwiches for the hungry.  

For more information, contact Rosie Hartley.

St. Nicholas Youth Choir

The Youth Choir's goal is to bring together a group of young people who know the music of the Church and will lead the congregation during the Divine Litergy, with responses and hymns.

For more information, contact Diana Ott or feel free to stop by the Music Room in the upstairs hallway of the church.

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