Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry

"I was naked and you clothed me; I was sick and you took care of me;

I was in prison and you visited me."

Matthew 25:36 

Our Mission

The St. Nicholas Prison Ministry believes in the redemptive value of those who are a part of the justice system and seeks to aid the process of assimilation by addressing the essential needs of former offenders and their families, without regard to their past failings and spiritual ideals.​

Our Successes

The St. Nicholas Prison Ministry assists former offenders and their families to re-enter and become contributing members of society.  Our successes include:

  • Chartered eight all-expenses paid trips to federal prisons for families.

  • For 10 years annually collected an average of 400 toys for children of former offenders.

  • Provided new laptops and dorm supplies to college freshmen and supported a student to study abroad.

  • Provided bus tickets and bus passes to former offenders to assist them in seeking employment.

  • Donated two cars to former offenders and their families.

  • Provided diapers and infant items to new mothers and fathers.

  • Stocked Federal Probation Office’s food pantry with meat and canned goods.

  • Provided new winter coats for former offenders and their children.

  • Hosted a Mother-Daughter overnight visit in the Greenville prison for women.

Our Long-Term Goals

  • Expand the prison trips to other facilities, particularly women’s prisons.

  • Annually support college-bound freshmen.

  • Expand relationships with other Orthodox parishes.

  • Provide for prescription medications and tooth extractions.

  • Include children of incarcerated.


Our Members

  • Theodora Hart

  • Jim Hart

  • Alexandra Kavourinos

  • Stavra Ketchmark

  • Clark Porter


For More Information

  • For more information on the St. Nicholas Prison Ministry program, please send a message.

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