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The Orthodox Christian Faith

The Orthodox Christian churches are descended from churches which the Apostles founded in the Balkans and the Middle East during the first century A.D. St. Nicholas Church is a parish under the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago. The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago is a Diocesan District of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North & South America.

A History of St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church is today a diverse, close community of people tied together by faith, family, and community. These bonds are interwoven by generations of connecting threads that reach back to a large group of mostly young, Greek men that immigrated to America. These hardy men were determined to make a livelihood for themselves as well as to send financial support back to the families they left behind in the cities, villages, and islands of Greece. Their story is one characterized by struggle, resiliency, and the triumphs founded in the faith and fraternal bond of its members. It is a spirit of community that was given over to future generations as a sacred trust to be continually nourished and given renewed and dynamic life.

Credit: Michael G. Tsichlis, Ph. D.

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