Parish Survey Results

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Dear St. Nicholas Family,

Late last year, the parish sent out a survey asking for your views regarding our community life, programs and ministries. We thank all those who completed the survey for their candor, time and commitment toward helping our parish grow stronger.

We had 99 responses, which is very good for a parish of our size. Those things that stand out in the survey include how deeply our parishioners care about our church as a place of worship, how much you care about one another and what a strong relationship there is between our parishioners and clergy.

Other areas to celebrate include:

  •  Our lay leadership works well with clergy, office staff and Sunday School staff.
  •  We are problem-solvers and find solutions to issues that arise.
  •  Our church is beautiful and inviting, and most parishioners feel that the church’s services meet their needs.
  •  Parishioners emphasize the positive, offer constructive feedback and give credit for jobs well done. They believe in our parish and the work we do, and they respect the good in everyone.

The survey also brought to light several opportunities for growth. These include:

  •  Enhancing the beauty of our worship and sense of participation through music and other elements of the services.
  •  Encouraging parishioners to speak out at meetings, rather than discussing them primarily “off-line.”
  •  Empowering parishioners to share their deepest faith experiences.
  •  Working to promote more regular church attendance as the pandemic recedes.
  •  Reaching out to others, including visitors, to share our faith, invite them to worship with us, welcome them when they come and follow up with contact from the parish.
  •  Becoming more involved in interfaith efforts, works of mercy and discussion of social justice issues related to the Christian faith.

The complete, detailed results of the survey can be found HERE.

In the upcoming months, we will focus our efforts on these opportunities for improvement. To that end, we are seeking volunteers for committees that will develop strategies to keep our parish moving forward in these areas. If you are interested, please contact the church office or send an email to

We’re confident that the information we’ve gathered through the survey will help guide our parish leadership as we continue developing our ministries and programs. We look forward to working together and continuing our commitment to faith and family life at St. Nicholas.


Yours in Christ,

Fr. Douglas Papulis                       Fr. Michael Arbanas

Proistamenos                                 Parish Priest