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Elaine Coulson, Library Committee Chair

The George Mastrantonis Memorial Library

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By Elaine Coulson, Library Chair


The Father George Mastrantonis Memorial Library at St. Nicholas houses a collection of more than 1600 titles in English available for check out. The library’s online catalog makes it possible for anyone to browse this collection from any digital device. You may access the catalog at

In addition to books in English, the library also houses a large selection of books in Greek. Although these books are not part of the online catalog, they are still available for check out.

If you visit the library, which is located on the main level an the end of the corridor of Sunday School rooms, the first room you enter is the reference room. These books are not available for checkout, but may be perused in the library. The second room houses the check out collection. Topics are organized according to the Library of Congress catalog system and include mostly nonfiction topics about religion and culture. A computer in this room is available for searching, although library patrons may also simply browse shelves using the topic signs for guidance. If you wish to check out a book when no one is available to assist you, there are instructions posted about how to check out books using a simple form.

If you prefer, you may also request me to check out books for you. Simply email me at [email protected], listing book titles you wish to check out, and I will deliver them either to the church office or FLC office for you to pick up at your convenience.

Although there is still much work to be done in the library, especially in the reference room, where the work of organizing and shelving books is underway, I am proud that our library is operational after several years of data entry and reorganization. Presently, I am the only person on the committee, so help would be most welcomed. If you love books and are interested in helping, please email me. It is very satisfying work to know you are preserving our parish’s history and providing a wealth of information to others.


Elaine Coulson

Library Committee Chair