Junior GOYA

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Joanna Smith

St. Nicholas Jr. GOYA

The St. Nicholas Jr. GOYA ministry is designed to provide our parish’s young people (6th - 8th grade) an atmosphere whereby they may learn more about themselves and their Orthodox Christian faith as well as expand the bonds of love and fellowship in the safety of the Church.Jr. GOYAn's participate in many activities throughout the year including Jr. Olympics, Tubing at Hidden Valley Ski Resort, Rock Climbing at Upper Limits Climbing Gym, Bowling, and Lock-Ins.  Community outreach activities include hosting an ice-cream social at the AHEPA Apartments and serving a meal through the FOCUS program.

Following the guidelines of the Archdiocese, Jr. GOYA centers around four basic elements: Liturgy, Worship, Service and Witness. These elements are the cornerstone of all Jr. GOYA activities whether religious, athletic, or social. This youth ministry under the direction of Fr. Michael, along with the assistance of the Jr. GOYA advisors and parents, plans a wide variety of activities and projects throughout the year to enrich and edify the life of  St. Nicholas' young people. Parents of Jr. GOYA members are encouraged to make this youth ministry a priority within the home and enable their children to be active members.

Finally, this critical ministry of St Nicholas always needs the parents of Jr. GOYAns to offer their time and talent to this endeavor. One need only contact Fr. Michael or an advisor to help support the St. Nicholas Junior GOYA.