Ecclesiastical Dates


This chart has the dates of Feast Days and Fasting Days which are determined annually on the basis of the date of Holy Pascha (Easter). This ecclesiastical cycle begins with the first day of the Triodion and ends with the Sunday of all Saints, a total of eighteen weeks.

Feast Days





Triodion Begins 5-Feb 28-Jan 17-Feb 9-Feb
Saturday of Souls 1 18-Feb 10-Feb 2-Mar 22-Feb
Meatfare Sunday 19-Feb 11-Feb 3-Mar 23-Feb
Saturday of Souls 2 25-Feb 17-Feb 9-Mar Feb-29
Cheesefare Sunday 26-Feb 18-Feb 10-Mar 1-Mar
Beginning of Great Lent 27-Feb 19-Feb 11-Mar 2-Mar
Saturday of Souls 3 4-Mar 24-Feb 16-Mar 7-Mar
Sunday of Orthodoxy 5-Mar 25-Feb 17-Mar 8-Mar
Lazarus Saturday 8-Apr 31-Mar 20-Apr 11-Apr
Palm Sunday 9-Apr 1-Apr 21-Apr 12-Apr
Holy Friday 14-Apr 6-Apr 26-Apr 17-Apr
Great and Holy Pascha 16-Apr 8-Apr 28-Apr 19-Apr
Ascension 25-May 17-May 6-Jun 28-May
Saturday of Souls 4 3-Jun 26-May 15-Jun 6-Jun
Pentecost 4-Jun 27-May 16-Jun 7-Jun
Apostles Fast Begins 12-Jun 4-Jun 24-Jun 15-Jun
Apostles Fast Duration 17 Days 25 Days 5 Days 14 Days


Note: The Holy Apostles Fasting duration varies every year. It begins on Monday following Sunday of all Saints and ends on June 29. Thus, it may last from zero days, if Pascha falls on May 3 or later to twenty nine days, if Pascha falls on April 4 to May 2.