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Church Musicians

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Church Musicians are lay persons who assist the priest by chanting the responses and hymns in the services or sacraments of the church.

New musicians are always welcome to the psalterion on Sunday mornings. Church Musicians support the clergy musically at Orthros every Sunday from 8:00 - 9:20 am. Chanting at this service is rigorous and highly intensive, but also immensely rewarding spiritually. No prior experience is necessary; there is a fair amount of written material available to help you learn the musical content of the service. For more information or if you are interested, contact Father Doug.

Over Fifty Club

This group is for the Seniors of our parish who gather for worship and fellowship. Typically, the FiftySomethings gather for meals after the Divine Liturgy on feast days that fall during the week.

Women’s Faith Group

This is a group of women who meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.  Father Doug, and sometimes the women, read from a book regarding our Orthodox Faith that Father Doug chooses.  Sometimes the women may suggest a book.  A discussion follows and questions that arise are very interesting to those in attendance.

At the first meeting of the year, which is held after the Church Festival in September, the women indicate which date they will host.  The meetings are held either at the Family Life Center, or the home of one of the women.  There are no meetings in the summer.  The last meeting of the year is usually in June.  Light refreshments are served.

Meetings:  Twice a month (second and fourth Tuesday) in homes
Time: 10 am
Spiritual Adviser: Father Doug

Metropolis of Chicago Junior Olympics

Junior Olympics encourages athletic competition and fellowship on a Metropolis-wide scale. The program has the participation of over 35 Parishes on average with over 2,000 participants each year and consists of three days of sporting, social, and spiritual events.

The Olympics are held in Chicago on Memorial Day Weekend. (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Activities: Events for the athletic participation are as follows: Track & Field: Boys and Girls, 8-18 years old. Swimming: Boys and Girls, 8-18 years old. 10-K Run: Boys, Girls and Adults, 13-99 years old. Tennis: Boys and Girls, 13-Y.A.L. age group. Table Tennis: Boys and Girls, 13-18 years old. Chess: Boys and Girls, 8-18 years old. Checkers: Boys and Girls, 8-18 years old. Basketball: Boys and Girls, 7-12 years old. Soccer: Boys and Girls, 7-12 years old. Softball: Boys and Girls, 13-18 years old. Volleyball: Boys and Girls, 13-18 years old. Bowling: Boys and Girls, 13-18 years old. Wrestling: Boys and Girls, 9-18 years old. Events for Special Needs children are also included.

Spiritual Adviser: Father Michael Arbanas

Camp Fanari

St. Nicholas youth entering 6th grade and up to 11th grade may sign up to attend Camp Fanari for one week during the month of June.  For more information, please contact Fr. Michael.

Spiritual Adviser: Father Michael Arbanas


Camp Fanari is located at the

St. Iakovos Retreat Center

920 224th Ave, Kansasville, WI 53139

St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival

About the Festival

Introduced in 1983, the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival provides Greek Orthodox teenagers the opportunity to write and talk about their faith.


The Oratorical Festival Program begins at the parish level and is divided into three divisions:

  • Elementary Division (local festival only) for students in grades 4–6

  • Junior Division for students in grades 7–9

  • Senior Division for student in grades 10–12

The top speakers in the Junior and Senior Divisions advance to the district level. Two finalists in each district division represent the district at the Metropolis Oratorical Festival. The top speaker in each metropolis division is then selected to participate in the Archdiocese Finals, which is hosted by a different metropolis each year.


All eighteen finalists at the Archdiocese Finals participate in a weekend of activities, the highlight of which is the delivery of their speeches on Saturday morning. The Oratorical Festival Scholarship Fund provides college scholarships to the top speakers. Currently, the top three speakers of each division receive college scholarships of $2,000, $1,500 and $1,000. This year, each Honorable Mention speaker was awarded $500.


Presvytera Margaret Orfanakos serves as the Archdiocese Festival Chairperson.

To find out topics or other details go to

Greek Dancers

Practices resume every Sunday, May 1 through Sunday, July 31 at the Family Life Center.

Then Sunday, August 7 through Sunday, August 28 at St. Nicholas Church.


No practice on Mother’s Day, Memorial Weekend or Father’s Day.


Georgia Johnson, Director

Tina Paradowski, Assistant

Lyndia Finer, Costume Coordinator

The St. Nicholas dance program, directed by Georgia Johnson, invites you to experience the spirit of Greece through traditional and modern dance. The program offers instruction and performance opportunities for children and adults of all ages. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn Greek dances, enjoy Greek music, have fellowship with other parishioners. Performances include the St. Nicholas Greek Festival and possibly a couple other gigs throughout the year.

Dance Rehearsals
Dance practices are held either at the Family Life Center or at St. Nicholas church usually on a Sunday afternoon. Check with Georgia Johnson for exact details.

Adriadne Dancers:  Sundays, 3-4 pm, 6-8 yrs. old
Garagouna Dancers:  Sundays, 4-5 pm, ages 9-12 yrs. old
Cariatides Dancers:  Sundays, 5-6 pm, ages 13-17 yrs. old
Souli Adult Dancers:  Sundays, 6-7 pm, ages 18+

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