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Servant Leadership Award Info


The Metropolis of Chicago has established a Servant Leadership Award to honor lay stewards from within the Metropolis who have demonstrated exceptional and innovative servant leadership and in so doing, inspire others to get involved in the life of the Church.

We have been asked to select one St. Nicholas lay steward who demonstrates the qualities of Service, Leadership, and Innovation to receive the Bronze Cross of the Metropolis. Criteria are the following:

·         Outstanding service within the parish and/or in the greater communit

·         Exceptional leadership qualities

·         Innovative manner of service

·         Recipients must be stewards (or children of stewards) in good standing of the parish

St. Nicholas has assembled a committee to select our nomination for recipient of the Metropolis Bronze Cross. Due to the short nomination time frame provided by the Metropolis this year, the committee has established a nomination period of six (6) weeks for parishioners to nominate stewards from the parish. The committee will then review nominations, hold interviews, and make a selection decision to be submitted to the Metropolis. The deadline set by the St. Nicholas Selection Committee is 1 February, 2020. Any nominations not received by 5:00 pm, CST, on 1 February, will be held for reconsideration for the 2021 award next year. This deadline is firm, and will not be flexed for any reason for all nominations submitted. Parish nominee will be named in church on 16 February.

The Metropolis will select up to six (6) Metropolis Bronze Cross Recipients to receive a special plaque from the Metropolitan for exceptional service to be officially bestowed at the Metropolis Servant Leadership Awards Dinner on May 1.


Nominations should be mailed or dropped off at the church or Family Life Center office

as soon as possible:


St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church                                       St. Nicholas Family Life Center 

4967 Forest Park Avenue                                                          12550 S. Forty Drive

St. Louis, MO 63108                                                                    St. Louis, MO 63141


Attn: Metropolis Service Awards Committee                           Attn: Metropolis Service Awards Committee


Or: fax to 314-361-3539; email to



All applications must be complete, including the attached form and a cover letter of nomination. Incomplete applications will be disqualified. Self-nominations will be accepted.



Please print the below Nomination Form

Microsoft Office document icon Nomination Form 2020.doc27.5 KB