Greek Festival Donations

Dear St. Nicholas Family & Friends

The annual Greek Festival presents a tremendous opportunity for us to unite together as family & friends to share our faith and culture with the St. Louis community.  Thanks to our organizers, volunteers, and donors for their continuous support!

In order to help deflate the expenses of the Greek Festival and maximize profits, we are continuing to seek monetary donations to help fund the below listed items.  Each year, we have received an average of $15,000 from you, our parishioners, that directly affects our net income.  We hope to surpass this amount this year.  It is not necessary to cover the entire estimated cost of an item and you may choose to make a partial donation, or better yet, partner with your family and friends to help cover the cost.

Please make checks payable to St. Nicholas Greek Festival and note your item in the memo box and mail to:  Christina Anastas, 1001 Surrey Hills Dr, St. Louis, MO 63117. 

For any questions or to discuss further, please contact Christina Anastas at 314.647.4636 or Carol Kamburis at 314.803.2451.

Thanks for your consideration and generosity!


** Please see the attached flyer for items needed