Focus on FOCUS - May needs

For May we at St. Nicholas have been assigned:

Food Pantry: (Please only purchase and donate items on this list.)

Sizes are approximates. Pop top lids are best for homeless people without can openers.

Boxed Cereal 10-14 oz (Super High Need)

Boxed Oatmeal 12 oz (High Need)


Extras: Shelf stable milk, jelly, and crackers.

Crisis Nursery: They are in need of size 5 and size 6 diapers, wipes, and healthy snacks (individually wrapped, if possible).


Focus on FOCUS!

We are happy to announce that we are ready to launch our St. Moses the Black reentry program for people coming out of prison. If you would like to volunteer, there is a training on May 28 at 9 am at St. Michael's. All volunteers must participate in this training. We are also asking for churches to consider signing up for providing bag lunches for the participants in this program.

This program is planning to work with 10-15 people and approximately 30 sandwiches will be needed.

15 bags of chips (Plain bags of lays potato chips will be fine, no assorted varieties please.)

15 pieces of fruit

15 desserts

15 bottled drinks


As we are coming out of Bright Week, we would like to thank all of our donors for making FOCUS part of their almsgiving. We have begun a new fundraising campaign looking for "Cheerful Givers" to support FOCUS Gateway City as part of their monthly giving. If anyone you know is interested, you may find more information at

You can support FOCUS by donating food and clothes, giving financial support, and by volunteering. Talk to your advisory board member to see how you can get involved!


Asking for your prayers,

Fr.  Matthew


Every contribution is valuable and helps us work towards the mission of feeding and clothing those in need.

The Lord Himself teaches us the value of small gifts in the teaching of the Widow's Mite.

Our St. Nicholas FOCUS rep is Bob Meyer.  If you would like to help out in any of the monthly activities or events, please contact him at 314-494-5794 or email

Donations can be made online at or by mailing a check to 1901 Ann Ave, St. Louis, MO 63104.