St. Nicholas Greek Dancers

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Practices resume every Sunday, May 1 through Sunday, July 31 at the Family Life Center.

Then Sunday, August 7 through Sunday, August 28 at St. Nicholas Church.


No practice on Mother’s Day, Memorial Weekend or Father’s Day.

Georgia Johnson, Director
Tina Paradowski, Assistant
Lyndia Finer, Costume Coordinator

The St. Nicholas dance program, directed by Georgia Johnson, invites you to experience the spirit of Greece through traditional and modern dance. The program offers instruction and performance opportunities for children and adults of all ages. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn Greek dances, enjoy Greek music, have fellowship with other parishioners. Performances include the St. Nicholas Greek Festival and possibly a couple other gigs throughout the year.

Dance Rehearsals
Dance practices are held either at the Family Life Center or at St. Nicholas church usually on a Sunday afternoon. Check with Georgia Johnson for exact details.

Adriadne Dancers:  Sundays, 3-4 pm, 6-8 yrs. old
Garagouna Dancers:  Sundays, 4-5 pm, ages 9-12 yrs. old
Cariatides Dancers:  Sundays, 5-6 pm, ages 13-17 yrs. old
Souli Adult Dancers:  Sundays, 6-7 pm, ages 18+