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The St. Nicholas Prison Ministry assists former offenders and their families to re-enter and become contributing members of society. We have provided, and in some cases continue to provide, the following assistance:

·     Christmas gifts to children of former offenders who would otherwise have received none.

·     Travel expenses for children to go visit and spend time with their incarcerated parents

·     Toiletries for individuals living in half-way houses -- helping to establish good hygiene habits

·     Religious books, icons, prayer ropes, postage for Father Ogan's in-prison ministry

·     Dorm room supplies, school supplies, and laptops to children of former offenders entering their first year of college.

·     Restaurant gift cards (McDonalds, Wendy, Taco Bell, Hardees) as educational rewards/incentives

·     Bus passes (to get to job interviews, new jobs)

·     Laptops to four outstanding former offenders who have excelled in their studies (One young woman qualified for Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society!)