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Elaine Coulson, Library Committee Chair

The George Mastrantonis Memorial Library

The library committee has developed a long-term plan to reorganize and revitalize our Father George Mastrantonis Memorial Library at St. Nicholas.  Our goal is to reintroduce this remarkable repository of books, named in honor of a beloved proistamenos, to our parishioners and make it accessible to all. Imagine, one day each of us will be able to browse our online catalog using a mobile device and check out books using a computer in the library!

We estimate our library collection consists of a few thousand books, pamphlets, and DVDs in Greek and English. Currently, the committee is cataloging our collection using an online service. The Library of Congress call number and bibliographic information for each book are entered, call number labels are printed and affixed, and finally books are shelved. We know this project will require time and energy and be ongoing, as we continue to purchase new materials. The public platform, which will make our collection searchable on a mobile device and provide a circulation system for the library, will be launched once our collection has been catalogued.

Our collection is quite extensive for a parish library and includes books on a wide variety of topics in both Greek and English. Some books are quite current and others so old, their publication dates are from the late 1800s. Some are even designated as “rare” by various libraries. Most books contain labels indicating they were donated in memory of a loved one who was a cherished member of our parish family. So much wisdom and love are stored in our Father George Mastrantonis Library!

Carl Sagan was correct when he said, “Books permit us to voyage through time, to tap the wisdom of our ancestors.” If you are interested in traveling through time, tapping the wisdom of your ancestors, and have a few hours to spare during the workweek, please contact me. We could use your help. Once we begin cataloging our Greek books, we will especially need help from volunteers literate in Greek.