Kythirian Society



Our present officers are:

President Andrew Cassimatis
Vice President George A Souris
Secretary Tina Cassimatis
Recording Secretary Linda Phiropoulos
Treasurer Eugenia Arger

We can be reached at 636-394-5678 or by email


We are men and women of Kythirian descent striving to promote the commercial interests and general reputation of the Island of Kythira, Greece, working together to perpetuate the history and memories of our ancestors and helping to support the needs of the young and old on the Island.


The Kythirian Brotherhood of St. Louis, Missouri was organized on July 31, 1918 with 77 members. You had to be 15 years of age to become a member and dues were $3.00 per year.

The first officers were:

  • Nicholas Lourandos, President
  • Anthony Cassimatis, Vice President
  • Theodore P. Leontsinis, Treasurer
  • Anthony J. Stathis, Secretary

In 1984 Gus Coukoulis was instrumental in reactivating the organization and the dues were raised to $5.00. In 1993 due to renewed interest in the island by the younger generation the club was reactivated by Andrew Cassimatis, the only remaining officer of the Kythirian Brotherhood. The name changed to Kythirian Society so as to allow women to be members. The current dues are $15.00.


On the last Sunday of September we hold an annual Luncheon, Artoclasia and Memorial Service(for our departed members) in honor of the Feast Day of the Mertithiotisa (September 25). EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

The money raised from that luncheon and our bake sales is used for selected needs of Kythira. We have given to the nursing home (Cassimateon Gerokomio), Trifilion Hospital, as well as churches, etc. We currently have added our focus on the children of the island helping them obtain an athletic field, sports equipment for same, a computer and printer located in the Kythirian library for their use and various other projects.


Map of Kythira






In our web pages you will find all the material you were searching for Kythira and the emigration... and much more!

Kythirian Idea aims to preserve the rich heritage of a wonderful island.


An unofficial website about the island of Kythira.

Voyage to Kythira

Archaeological Museum of Kythira. The building was constructed in 1911 in order to shelter the ... Archaic lion from Kythira.

Archaeological Museum of Kythira

An Ancient Greek Computer. In 1901 divers working off the isle of AntiKythira found the remains of a clocklike mechanism 2000 years old.

Kythirian Computer

A Minoan seal impression of a boat; 18-19th century boat drawing from Kythira; The island of Kythira (Greece) and its place in a wider world.

Kythirian Island Project

The collection is housed in the Post-Byzantine church of the Ascension at Livadi, which was ceded by the Diocese of Kythira.

Byzantine Art on Kythira