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Rosie Hartley

St. Nicholas Handmaidens

The Handmaidens is a group of young ladies, grades 4 through 12, who dedicate their time in serving their church.

They take care of the candles and icons in the Narthex, maintain the Liturgy books, set up the flowers, chairs and booklets during Holy Week, prepare all the foods trays for the meal after the Resurrection Liturgy, hand out flowers on Mother's Day, assist with Father’s Day reception, and have combined retreats with the Altar boys. Occassionaly they assist in church community projects, such as preserving the Divine Liturgy booklets, helping out the Library committee relabel all the books, or making sandwiches for the hungry.

A schedule is sent out quarterly listing dates of services. If you or your child is interested, please contact Rosie Hartley.